Kunal Bansal Chandigarh Bringing The World To Chandigarh With The World Trade Center

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Chandigarh is city that is synonymous with planning and beauty. The City Beautiful of India holds a special status among the psyche of the Indian people. Renowned all around the globe for its infrastructure and impeccable functioning, this city has seen its status among those of the very elite. However, the commercial aspect of this city was a bit not akin to the other index where it was consistently ranked among the very best.
With the industrial town of Baddi in Himachal Pradesh flanking it's one corner and the states Punjab and Haryana on the other sides, the city has been curiously underwhelming when it comes to selling its brand to the world. All that is set to change thanks to the launch of the World Trade Center in Chandigarh. The most biggest of the commercial projects to come to the twin capital of Haryana and Punjab, WTC Chandigarh promises to alter the landscape of the commercial scene forever.
The World Trade Center Chandigarh would serve to cater to the growing potential of the various fledgling industries in the city. With the launch of the IT Park, it was expected that the city of Bureaucrats would finally start to fulfill its economic potential. However, the other sectors having been left behind, the desired effect has been missing. Having the World Trade Center though, changes all that. Kunal Bansal Chandigarh feels that with the arrival of the iconic brand of World Trade Center, the city set in Shivalik foothills would be able to garner the attention of the World-class MNC's. With the excellent infrastructure and administration already in place, it would be not of any trouble for it to handle the additional traffic and increase in population.
According to Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, Another plus would be the talent available when the offices are set up. With a plethora of colleges in the surrounding areas churning out highly skilled professionals year after year, the pool to look from would be immense. And that's not taking into account the institutions of formidable repute in the city. PEC University in the twin capital city has been consistently ranked among the very best since many years. The Punjab University too holds the same stature albeit in different streams. Thus, with the right talent to choose from WTC Chandigarh would be an enticing prospect.
Located at a distance of mere 5 minutes from the Chandigarh International Airport, the area is bound to see prices rise exponentially in the coming years. Hence, the return on investment would be handsome at the very minimum. Another plus is the proximity to the Chandigarh Railway station. With the railway station too a few minutes away, it represents an even greater access to the talent pool of the nearby cities. With the Tribune Chowk crossing nearby, the WTC Chandigarh is located at a spot that is hard to miss at the present and would prove to be irresistible in the future.
The CIty Beautiful is about to go global. Are you?


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